Maya Nicole Designs

It all started with a big love for the small ones.

I made the first teepee for my little daughter, Maya. 

Soon her teepee became her favorite place in our house and I loved watching her play and enjoying being in her teepee so much that I wanted this for other children too. 

I aim to make affordable, hand made quality teepees which boys and girls can enjoy as much as Maya does.

I started my adventure with the help of Burmese women from the Malaysia Karen Organization (MKO) in a small workshop situated in KL to help them to earn an income for themselves and the Karen Community. Maya Nicole Designs started it’s journey with teepees but soon more products such as teepee mat, cushions, bean bag and bunting added to our shop.

And of course you can find lots of yoga products in our shop including yoga bags, eye pillows, Yoga bolster and sand bags in lots of beautiful colours and designs.