Hi, I’m Aida.

A Multi passionate entrepreneur, graphic designer and yogi. 

I was born on Sept 22, 1980 in Tehran, Iran. It was the first day of 8 years Iran-Iraq war which I remember in details. I was into art from when I was a kid. Later my passion for art led me in my journey to get bachelor in Graphic design. I left Iran in 2010 for Malaysia to do my Masters in Visual Arts while I continued working as Graphic/Web designer in corporate job.

I met Chris in Malaysia and we started traveling in Asia, our travel blog Persianbritadventures came to life after our first few trips and we thought would be nice to share our passion and experiences with others too. We got married in August 2013.

Maya was born in March 2016, at that time I started learning how to sew and making crafts for Maya and that’s when my passion and purpose led to the creation of  Mayanicoledesigns brand. 

Beautiful teepees and yoga products been made by help of refugee ladies to support their community. 

Yoga slowly became my next passion, and to deepen my practice I started my first 200hrs teacher training. I felt so empowered with all new tools that I learned and I dived into teaching right after finishing my course but my thirst for learning more brought me to another 200hrs teaching and here I am dedicated full time yoga teacher, online and in person. I create free yoga videos and I share them on weekly bases in Farsi in my Youtube channel as part of my Karma yoga to spread the love in my community.

I continue to learn new things each day and expand my own ideas about what it means to live a fully creative and meaningful life.

With all my love,